Tukur Mamu Biography – Case, Released, Wikipedia, Age, Arrested, Net Worth

Tukur Mamu Biography

Tukur Mamu Biography, Who is Tukur Mamu? A Nigerian journalist, publisher, and negotiator, gained notoriety for his involvement in negotiating with terrorists and bandits, particularly during the Kaduna-Abuja train kidnapping incident.

Tukur Mamu Biography

Tukur Mamu Biography

Early Life and Education

Tukur Mamu was born on January 6 in Fika town, Yobe State, Nigeria, to Mallam Mamu Duba Gari and Mamu Duba Gari. Although his birth year remains undisclosed, he received his primary and secondary education in Yobe State before pursuing higher education at the university.


As a journalist, Mamu plays a significant role overseeing publishing for the Desert Herald Newspaper in Kaduna. He gained prominence for his involvement in mediating between the families of abducted passengers and the perpetrators, including terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers, of the Kaduna-Abuza train incident.

However, Mamu’s career took a controversial turn when the Department of State Services (DSS) accused him of aiding and abetting acts of terrorism. The DSS alleges that Mamu was involved in providing logistical support to terrorist groups. He was apprehended at Kano airport while returning from Egypt and detained upon arriving at Aminu Kano International Airport.

His association with Sheikh Ahmad Gumi as a spokesperson further complicated matters. Mamu’s role extended beyond mere observation, as he actively negotiated hostage releases, often outpacing the efforts of security agencies.

During a raid on his residence, the DSS confiscated various items, including electronic devices, documents, military equipment, and substantial amounts of cash in multiple currencies.

Personal Life

Mamu was previously married to Hajiya Bilkisu, who is now deceased. They had children together. He also has a brother named Muh’d Tukur’sadi Mamu.

Tukur Mamu Age

While his exact age remains undisclosed, Mamu’s birthday is January 6th.

Tukur Mamu Case

The Federal Government has implicated Tukur Mamu as one of the suspects involved in terrorism financing, listing him among the ’15 terrorism financiers’. This has stirred controversy and led to scrutiny of Mamu’s activities.

Tukur Mamu Released

Despite being named among terrorism financiers, Mamu was included in the list of individuals and organizations released by the Federal Government. His close association with Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has drawn attention to his role in such activities.

Tukur Mamu Net Worth

As of 2024, Tukur Mamu’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 9 million, indicating his financial standing despite the controversies surrounding him.


1. Is Tukur Mamu still involved in journalism? Yes, Mamu continues to be active in journalism despite the allegations against him.

2. How did Tukur Mamu gain fame? Mamu gained fame for his negotiation efforts between terrorists, bandits, and the Nigerian government.

3. What is Tukur Mamu’s connection to Sheikh Ahmad Gumi? Mamu is known to be a close ally of Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, raising questions about their association and its implications.


Tukur Mamu’s biography is marked by controversies surrounding his alleged involvement in terrorism financing. Despite this, Mamu remains a prominent figure in Nigerian journalism, with a significant net worth.

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