Ochacho Biography: Net Worth, Muslim, Daughter, Religion, Age, Wife

Ochacho Biography

Ochacho Biography – Are you curious about Ochacho’s life? Let’s delve into the intriguing details of his biography.

Ochacho Biography

Early Life and Education

Born on 25th August 1977 in Kaduna to Elder Benson Adah and Hajiya Hauwa Ali Ochacho Aloga, Ochacho spent his formative years in Makurdi. He attended Army Day Nursery and Primary School, followed by Saint Francis College, Otukpo, for his secondary education. Later, he pursued higher education at Ahmadu Bello University.

King Moh, as he’s fondly called by his admirers. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Ochacho Group of Companies, a conglomerate operating in various sectors including real estate, hospitality, financial services, farming, airline, oil and gas, baking, pharmaceuticals, and superstores.

He had his early education in Makurdi and Otukpo before pursuing a degree in Economics from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

Moh, who commenced his entrepreneurial journey in 2008, has since amassed considerable wealth, with his Ochacho Foundation established in 2018 to give back to society.

Today, the Ochacho Group stands as one of Nigeria’s leading real estate brands, with multiple mega estates across the country. King Moh’s entrepreneurial acumen has facilitated the construction of over 25,000 homes, employing 1,200 professionals and artisans nationwide.

The Ochacho Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Ochacho Empire, spearheads various initiatives including educational scholarships, road infrastructure development, public education enhancement, street lighting projects, provision of portable drinking water, free medical assistance, and annual cultural events like the Ochacho Carnival.

King Mohammed Adah Ochacho’s dedication to societal development, inspired by his late mother, drives the Ochacho Rapid Development Revival (ORDER), focusing on uplifting the downtrodden, empowering youth, and community development.

Despite facing challenges, King Moh remains steadfast in his commitment to national development. Married to Queen Ramatu Mohammed Adah, their union is blessed with five children, including the talented musician, Ice King Ochacho.

Outside his official titles, King Moh humbly rejects additional honors, believing that true recognition comes from God.

Ochacho Net Worth

As of 2024, Ochacho’s net worth stands impressively at $58 million, reflecting his successful endeavors.

Ochacho Religious Beliefs

Contrary to speculations, Ochacho is not a Muslim. He identifies as a devout Christian, placing his faith in God.

Family Life

While details about Ochacho’s daughter remain undisclosed, he shares his life with his wife, Mrs. Ramatu Mohammed Adah.

Ochacho State of Origin

Ochacho hails from Benue state, underscoring his deep connection to his roots.

Ochacho Gift Portable Car

Recently, Ochacho stunned many by gifting a luxurious car valued at 200 million Naira, showcasing his generosity and affluent lifestyle.


1. Is Ochacho a Muslim?

  • No, Ochacho is a Christian.

2. Does Ochacho have a daughter?

  • Details about Ochacho’s daughter remain private.

3. What is Ochacho’s net worth?

  • As of 2024, Ochacho’s net worth is $58 million.

4. Where is Ochacho from?

  • Ochacho hails from Benue state.

5. Who is Ochacho’s wife?

  • Ochacho’s wife is Mrs. Ramatu Mohammed Adah.


In conclusion, Ochacho’s life is a testament to hard work, success, and faith. From his humble beginnings to his current stature, Ochacho exemplifies resilience and determination. As we unravel the layers of his life, one thing remains clear – Ochacho’s journey is as fascinating as it is inspiring.

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  1. The boss has been doing a very great job across the globe,I thank him allot and just he could also bless me too ….long live the king ochacho 1 of otupko

  2. Infact,He is a born philontrophist,I believe people like this are specially designed by God Almighty Allah. May God continue to be his guidance and provider.

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