Minister Theophilus Sunday Biography: Wife, Age, Engagement, Wedding

Minister Theophilus Sunday Biography

Minister Theophilus Sunday Biography, a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, has been captivating hearts with his soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrics. In this comprehensive biography, we delve into the life of this remarkable artist, exploring his journey, his upcoming nuptials, and everything in between.

Minister Theophilus Sunday Biography

Minister Theophilus Sunday Biography

Popularly known as One Spirit, Minister Theophilus Sunday’s ministry focuses on uniting man with God through worship. Hailing from Dekina, Kogi State, Nigeria, his journey into the ministry began early in life.

Who is Theophilus Nigerian Gospel Singer?

Renowned as Theophilus Ogaga, this gifted singer was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. With roots tracing back to Delta State, Theophilus Sunday has become a beacon of hope through his music. At the age of 37, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the gospel music industry, enchanting audiences with his mesmerizing vocals, skillful violin performances, and spiritually uplifting compositions.

Early Life and Education

Minister Theophilus Sunday spent his formative years in Kogi State, Nigeria. After completing his primary education, he pursued his secondary education at Ochaja Boys Secondary School. Following this, he furthered his studies at Kogi State University (KSU), where he obtained a degree in Theatre Arts.

Upon graduating in the 2011/2012 academic session, Minister Theophilus Sunday participated in the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC) and completed his service year in 2013.

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Ministry and Impact

As a gospel minister, Minister Theophilus Sunday has made significant contributions to the Christian community in Nigeria. His anointed worship sessions have stirred hearts and drawn people closer to God. His ministry emphasizes deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit, aiming to unite individuals with God.

He is renowned for his gospel chant songs, which resonate with listeners and ignite a hunger for God’s presence. Often compared to Evangelist Lawrence Oyor, Minister Theophilus Sunday’s music carries a powerful spiritual essence.

How Old is Theophilus Sunday?

Minister Theophilus Sunday, born on May 9, 1987, is currently 37 years old. Despite his relatively young age, he has garnered immense respect and admiration for his contributions to gospel music, both locally and internationally.

Theophilus Sunday Wife

Theophilus Sunday Wife

Ashlee White, also a gospel singer, holds a special place in Minister Theophilus Sunday’s heart. Their love story has captured the attention of fans worldwide, culminating in a heartwarming engagement announcement. Through social media, Theophilus Sunday proudly introduced his soon-to-be wife, sharing enchanting snapshots of their journey together.

Theophilus Sunday Engagement

Theophilus Sunday Engagement

Theophilus Sunday’s engagement to Ashlee White took many by surprise, leaving Nigerians in awe of their love story. The announcement of their impending union sent ripples of joy throughout the gospel music community, as fans eagerly anticipate their wedding day.

Theophilus Sunday Wedding

Theophilus Sunday and Ashlee White’s love story is set to culminate in a beautiful wedding ceremony. As preparations unfold, the couple has treated fans to glimpses of their pre-wedding shoot, radiating joy and love in every frame. With excitement building, their wedding promises to be a celebration of love, faith, and unity.

True Worshippers Concert

Minister Theophilus Sunday is the convener and regular host of the True Worshippers Concert, an event born from a mandate to elevate worship and spirituality. This concert series aims to make men as God through the ministry of worship, aligning with the original spiritual makeup of humanity.

Spiritual Covering and Personal Life

Under the spiritual covering of Apostle Arome Osayi, Minister Theophilus Sunday continues to impact lives through his music and ministry. While not much is known about his personal life, it’s evident that his focus remains on his calling and service to God.

Minister Theophilus Sunday Songs

Minister Theophilus Sunday has blessed the world with numerous spirit-filled songs, each carrying a message of worship and devotion. Some of his notable releases include “Who is like you Lord,” “Eagles Flight,” “Spirit keep me hungry,” and many more. These songs are available for streaming and download on various platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When was Minister Theophilus Sunday born?

A: Minister Theophilus Sunday was born on May 9, 1987.

Q: Who is Theophilus Sunday’s fiancĂ©e?

A: Theophilus Sunday’s fiancĂ©e is Ashlee White, a fellow gospel singer.

Q: How old is Theophilus Sunday?

A: Theophilus Sunday is currently 37 years old.

Q: When is Theophilus Sunday’s wedding?

A: Theophilus Sunday’s wedding date has not been disclosed publicly.


Minister Theophilus Sunday’s biography offers a glimpse into the life of a remarkable individual whose talent and faith have touched the lives of many. As he embarks on this new chapter of his life with his beloved Ashlee White, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of happiness, love, and continued success. Stay tuned for updates on their journey as they inspire us with their music and devotion

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