Shyngle Wigwe Biography: A Journey of Triumph and Loss

Shyngle Wigwe Biography

Pastor Shyngle Wigwe Biography, born on October 8, 1934, in Isiokpo, Rivers state, embarked on a journey that transitioned him from an engineering student at Yaba Technical Institute to a military captain. His decision to join the military in 1963 marked a pivotal moment, later becoming a colleague of influential figures like Olusegun Obasanjo and Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu during Nigeria’s first military coup in 1966.

Shyngle Wigwe Biography

Shyngle Wigwe Biography

Personal Losses and Resilience

Shyngle’s faith played a crucial role in his life, evident in his active role as a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Despite personal tragedies, such as the loss of his son Osita in a road accident and, more recently, his son Herbert, along with Herbert’s wife and son in a helicopter crash in the US, Shyngle remained steadfast in his Christian beliefs.

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Lessons from Nzeogwu and the Civil War

Shyngle’s recounting of his encounter with Nzeogwu revealed the delicate balance he maintained during challenging times. His participation in the civil war on the side of Biafra showcased his commitment to principles, leading to his decision to quit the military as a captain in 1970.

Transition to Media: NTA and Beyond

Shyngle’s career transitioned from the military to the media, where he rose through the ranks to become the director-general of NTA. Reflecting on his time, he highlighted the significance of NTA’s role in national development through unique programs that aimed to unite the country.

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Shyngle Wigwe Children

Asked about his parenting approach, Shyngle attributed the success of his six children to consistent communication. He emphasized the importance of daily phone calls, a rule he followed diligently.


Q1: How did Shyngle Wigwe join the military?

A1: Shyngle made a spontaneous decision in 1963, leaving his civilian life behind and returning as a soldier after receiving a letter of appointment.

Q2: What was Shyngle’s role during the civil war?

A2: Shyngle fought on the side of Biafra during the 1967 civil war, later choosing to leave the military and pursue a career in construction.

Q3: How did Shyngle transition to the media?

A3: After leaving the military, Shyngle joined NTA as a broadcast engineer, eventually rising to the position of director-general.

Q4: How did Shyngle cope with personal losses?

A4: Shyngle, a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, leaned on his faith to navigate the loss of his sons, Osita and Herbert.


Shyngle Wigwe’s biography is a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, faith, and commitment. From his humble beginnings in engineering to military service, media leadership, and facing personal tragedies, Shyngle’s journey is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. As he continues to uphold his Christian faith and share valuable life lessons, his legacy endures.

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