Richard Wagamese Biography: Wife, Books, Quotes, Cause of Death, Education, Full name, Parents

Richard Wagamese Biography

Richard Wagamese Biography, a renowned Indigenous writer, left an indelible mark on Canadian literature with his poignant storytelling. From his humble beginnings to his literary achievements, Wagamese’s life journey is one of resilience, passion, and cultural pride.

Richard Wagamese Biography

Richard Wagamese Biography

Richard Wagamese, born in 1955 near Minaki, Canada, was a prolific writer who dedicated his life to storytelling. He hailed from the Ojibway Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario and was deeply connected to his Indigenous roots.

Richard Wagamese Education and Early Life

Wagamese’s childhood was marked by adversity. At the age of five, he was taken from his family by the Children’s Aid Society. This experience profoundly influenced his writing. Despite facing challenges, Wagamese found solace in books and storytelling. He pursued education with traditional Native elders after completing formal schooling up to the ninth grade.

Richard Wagamese Books

Wagamese’s literary career spanned nearly four decades, during which he penned numerous acclaimed works. His notable books include “Indian Horse,” “Medicine Walk,” “Keeper’n Me,” and “Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations.” His writing garnered widespread recognition, earning him prestigious awards such as the Matt Cohen Award and the Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize.

Richard Wagamese Parents and Personal Life

Richard Wagamese was born to Marjorie Wagamese and Stanley Raven. He shared his life with his wife, Yvette Lehman, and his family was a source of inspiration for much of his writing. Despite not attending a residential school himself, Wagamese was deeply affected by the legacy of these institutions, which profoundly shaped his worldview and writing.

Richard Wagamese Quotes 

Wagamese’s words resonate with depth and wisdom, reflecting his profound understanding of human nature and spirituality. Some of his memorable quotes include:

  1. “Teachings come from everywhere when you open yourself to them.”
  2. “All that we are is the story…”
  3. “There is such a powerful eloquence in silence.”
  4. “I discovered that being someone you are not is often easier than living with the person you are.”

Richard Wagamese Cause of Death

Richard Wagamese’s untimely death in 2017 left a void in the literary world, but his legacy continues to inspire generations. Through his writing, he shed light on the Indigenous experience in Canada and advocated for reconciliation and understanding.


Q: What was Richard Wagamese’s cultural background?

A: Richard Wagamese was a member of the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario, with Ojibway heritage.

Q: What were some of Richard Wagamese’s notable books?

A: Some of Richard Wagamese’s notable books include “Indian Horse,” “Medicine Walk,” and “Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations.”

Q: What was the cause of Richard Wagamese’s death?

A: Richard Wagamese passed away at his home in 2017 due to natural causes shortly after being nominated for a BC Book Award.

Q: Did Richard Wagamese attend residential school?

A: Although Richard Wagamese did not attend a residential school himself, he was deeply affected by their legacy, as many of his family members did.


Richard Wagamese’s life and work serve as a testament to the power of storytelling and the resilience of the human spirit. Through his writing, he gave voice to Indigenous experiences, fostering empathy and understanding. His legacy continues to inspire readers around the world, ensuring that his stories will endure for generations to come.

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