Liema Big Brother Mzansi Biography: Age, Real Name, instagram, Net Worth

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Biography

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Biography, a vibrant 22-year-old student, mixologist, and podcaster, has captured the hearts of many as a housemate in the fourth season of Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi). In this article, we look into the fascinating facets of her life, from her early days to her journey into the limelight.

Liema BBMzansi Early Life and Education

Birth and Background

Liema, whose full name is Liyema Phantsi, came into the world on January 25, 2002, in Qonce, Eastern Cape. Growing up in a supportive Christian family, she developed a passion for entertainment that laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Passion for Entertainment

From a young age, Liema actively pursued her passion, attending courses and workshops to enhance her skills. Her journey led her to study acting at the EbonyLife Creative Academy, where she explored different techniques and styles at the Royal Arts Academy and the African International Film Festival Acting Masterclass.

Liema BBMzansi Career and Journey into Big Brother Mzansi

Determination and Hard Work

Liema’s dedication to her craft paved the way for a career in the entertainment industry. Before gracing the BBMzansi stage, she actively participated in various courses and workshops, gaining experience in acting, hosting events, and modeling for fashion brands and magazines.

Big Brother Aspirations

Entering the BBMzansi house was not just a whim for Liema. It was a deliberate choice to break away from routine, enjoy herself, and advance her aspirations in the entertainment sector. Her decision mirrors her rebellious and fun-loving nature, making her a standout contestant.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi: The Love Story Unfolds

Flirtatious and Mischievous Persona

Liema’s presence in the house is marked by her flirtatious, rebellious, and mischievous demeanor. Her open-minded approach to finding love in the Big Brother house adds a layer of intrigue to her character.

Romance Brewing

While Liema’s relationship status outside the house remains undisclosed, inside, sparks have flown. Her connection with fellow housemate Jareed has become a focal point, with the duo sharing a memorable kiss early in the competition. Viewers eagerly anticipate the evolution of their relationship throughout the season.

Challenges and Drama

However, the path to love is not without obstacles. Accusations of flirtatious behavior and clashes with other housemates, particularly Mpumi and Els, have added drama to Liema’s journey. A heated exchange with Jareed further complicates the unfolding narrative, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Liema Big Brother Mzansi on Social Media

Instagram Presence

For those eager to follow Liema’s journey beyond the BBMzansi house, her official Instagram account, @officialliema, provides a glimpse into her life, style, and the adventures she embarks on.

Liema Big Brother Mzansi Personal Details

Real Name and Surname

Known popularly as Liema, her full name is Liyema Phantsi, with Phantsi being her surname. This talented individual has become a household name, leaving an indelible mark on the BBMzansi platform.

Liema BBMzansi Net Worth: A Glimpse into Success

Financial Standing

Liema’s success isn’t just limited to her entertainment career; her estimated net worth of $26,000 as of 2024 reflects her financial achievements, adding another layer to her multifaceted personality.

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Q1: What is Liema’s real name? A1: Liema’s full name is Liyema Phantsi, known popularly as Liema.

Q2: Where is Liema from? A2: Liema hails from Qonce, a city in the Eastern Cape province.

Q3: What is Liema’s Instagram handle? A3: Follow Liema on Instagram at @officialliema for glimpses into her Big Brother Mzansi journey


In conclusion, Liema’s journey in the BBMzansi house is a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and triumphs. As a dynamic and engaging contestant, her impact transcends the confines of reality TV, leaving an indelible mark on her audience. The unfolding chapters of Liema’s life promise continued excitement, drama, and perhaps, a love story for the ages. Follow her journey, stay tuned, and witness the evolution of a true entertainer.

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