Biography Of Victor Osimhen: Net Worth, Age, Salary Per Month, Goals, State Of Origin

Biography Of Victor Osimhen

Biography Of Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian football sensation, has taken the football world by storm with his extraordinary talent and achievements. This blog post unveils the intriguing details of his life, covering his state of origin, tribe, net worth, age, salary, career milestones, and more.

Victor Osimhen State of Origin

Victor Osimhen proudly represents the Esan South Local Government Area in Edo State. Delve into the rich history of Edo State, known for its cultural prowess, sports excellence, and diverse ethnic groups including Esans, Owans, Afemais, Edos, and Akoko Edos.

While Victor calls the South-southern region home, he spends most of his time in Lagos, immersing himself in the Yoruba language prevalent in the southwestern region. Learn how he connects with his roots through occasional visits to his hometown and bonds with old friends.

What Tribe is Victor Osimhen From?

Victor Osimhen is a proud member of the Esan tribe, fluent in both Esan and Yoruba languages. Uncover his linguistic journey shaped by his upbringing in Lagos, where he also learned German and Italian during his football career.

Where Was Victor Osimhen Born?

Born in Lagos to Patrick Osimhen and his late wife, Victor’s childhood in Olusosun, Ikeja, wasn’t without challenges. Explore his early life, education at Olusosun Primary School, and the struggles of a large family surviving in the streets of Lagos.

Victor lost both parents, dedicating awards to their memory. Despite hardships, he pursued education, obtaining certificates in Lagos before embarking on his football career.

Victor Osimhen Wife

While Victor Osimhen is often referred to as having a “wife” online, he is not currently married. His partner, Stefanie Kim Ladewig, is his long-term girlfriend and the mother of their daughter. They’ve been together since his time at Wolfsburg, where she was a cheerleader, but haven’t officially tied the knot.

Victor Osimhen Wife Picture

Victor Osimhen Wife Picture
Stefanie Kim Ladewig

Victor Osimhen wife picture

Victor Osimhen Wife Picture

Victor Osimhen & His Siblings

Victor, the 7th of 7 siblings, faced family tragedies with the loss of both parents. His father’s death in May 2020 deeply impacted him, dedicating accolades to his memory. Explore the footballer’s journey from a tough childhood to becoming a towering figure in European football.

Victor Osimhen Football Career

Victor’s journey from the Ultimate Strikers Academy in Lagos to VfL Wolfsburg, Charleroi, Lille, and Napoli is a captivating tale. Discover his rise, accolades, and the €70 million transfer to Napoli in 2020. Relive moments like his senior debut for the Super Eagles and encounters with football legends like Ronaldo.

Victor Osimhen Salary Per Month

Reports suggest Victor earns €4.6 million annually at Napoli, making him one of Nigeria’s highest-paid footballers. Explore how his success at Napoli and the Nigerian national team contribute to his value as a sought-after player.

Victor Osimhen Net Worth

Victor Osimhen’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million, a testament to his success on and off the field. This includes endorsements, sponsorships, and his lucrative football contracts.

Victor Osimhen Age

Born on December 29, 1998, in Lagos, Nigeria, Osimhen is currently 25 years old. Despite his youth, he has achieved remarkable milestones in his football career.

Victor Osimhen Cars

While not flaunting them on social media, Victor’s taste for luxury is evident. Dive into the details of his N65 million Mercedes G-Wagen and other luxury cars that showcase his success on and off the field.

How Much is Victor Osimhen Salary Per Week?

Victor Osimhen, the star striker for Napoli, signed a new contract in December 2023 boosting his weekly earnings to €246,538 gross. This translates to an annual salary of €12.82 million and makes him one of the highest-paid players at Napoli. It’s important to note that this figure is before taxes and agent fees.

Victor Osimhen House

With a net worth of $1.5 million and a substantial salary, Victor Osimhen is poised for a luxurious lifestyle. Explore the possibilities of his real estate investments in Nigeria and beyond.

Why Does Victor Osimhen Wear A Mask?

Victor Osimhen, the star striker for Napoli and the Nigerian national team, dons a mask on the field due to two main reasons:

1. Protection: In November 2021, he suffered facial fractures during a match, requiring surgery. While fully healed, the mask offers added security against reinjury.

2. Mental Confidence: Osimhen has stated the mask provides him with a sense of security and boosts his confidence on the pitch, aiding his impressive performance.

So, the mask serves both a practical and psychological purpose for this talented footballer.

Victor Osimhen Mother

Victor Osimhen’s mother passed away when he was very young, before he began his professional football career. This loss deeply impacted him, and he has spoken about the challenges he faced growing up without her. While her name and specific details remain private, her influence on his life and determination is evident in his success.



Q1: Is Victor Osimhen fluent in the Esan language?

A1: Yes, Victor Osimhen speaks the Esan language, showcasing his cultural roots.

Q2: How many siblings does Victor Osimhen have?

A2: Victor Osimhen is the 7th of 7 siblings.

Q3: What languages does Victor Osimhen speak?

A3: Victor is fluent in Esan, Yoruba, German, and Italian languages.

Q4: Does Osimhen have a private jet?

A4: Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian professional footballer, did not own a private jet.


In conclusion, Victor Osimhen’s journey from Lagos to the pinnacle of football is a story of dedication, talent, and hard work. His net worth, age, monthly salary, impressive goal tally, and loyalty to his state of origin make him a true football maverick. As he continues to shine on the field, the world eagerly anticipates more incredible feats from this rising star.

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