Jameliz Benitez Smith Real Name: Age, Height, Wiki, Twitter.

Jameliz Benitez Smith Real Name

Jameliz Benitez Smith Real Name – In today’s era of social media sensations, one name that stands out is Jameliz Benitez Smith. From TikTok to YouTube, this 21-year-old model has garnered a massive following. But who is Jameliz Benitez Smith beyond the screens?

Jameliz Benitez Smith Real Name

Jameliz Benitez Smith Real Name

Who is Jameliz Benitez Smith?

Jameliz Benitez Smith, born in America in 2003, has become a household name on social media. Renowned as a model, she captivates her audience with her stunning visuals and engaging content. Despite her young age, Jameliz has carved a niche for herself in the digital world.

Jameliz Real Name

While many know her as Jameliz Benitez, her real name is Jameliz Benitez Smith. However, across various social media platforms, she goes by different aliases like @JamelizOnly and @jellybeanbrainss.

Jameliz Benitez Smith Age and Biography

Born on February 16, 2003, in Tampa, Florida, Jameliz Benitez Smith is currently 21 years old. With a profession spanning Instagram modeling, social influencing, and YouTube content creation, she has established herself as a versatile online personality. Her dedication to fitness is evident, maintaining a physique that garners admiration from fans worldwide.

Family and Personal Life

Jameliz Benitez Smith’s family background is relatively private, with limited information available about her parents. As for her romantic life, details regarding her boyfriend or relationship status remain undisclosed.

Career and Achievements

Jameliz’s journey to fame commenced in September 2014 when she launched her YouTube channel, offering a diverse range of content from unboxing videos to captivating lip-sync performances. With an impressive subscriber count of 872K, she continues to grow her influence.

Social Media Presence

With a significant presence across platforms, Jameliz boasts a massive Instagram following of 1M on her handle @jellybeanbrainss. Her feed is adorned with snapshots showcasing her toned physique and innate beauty, captivating the hearts of her admirers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Jameliz Benitez Smith’s real name?

A: Jameliz Benitez Smith’s real name is indeed Jameliz Benitez Smith.

Q: How old is Jameliz Benitez Smith?

A: Jameliz Benitez Smith was born on February 16, 2003, making her 21 years old.

Q: Where is Jameliz Benitez Smith from?

A: Jameliz Benitez Smith hails from Tampa, Florida, in the United States.

Q: What is Jameliz Benitez Smith’s height and weight?

A: Jameliz stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 45 kilograms.

Q: What is Jameliz Benitez Smith’s Instagram handle?

A: Jameliz Benitez Smith can be found on Instagram under the handle @jellybeanbrainss.


In essence, Jameliz Benitez Smith represents the epitome of modern-day digital influencers. With her magnetic charm, dedication to her craft, and relentless pursuit of excellence, she continues to inspire and enthrall audiences worldwide. Stay tuned to witness the evolution of this rising star as she embarks on new endeavors and conquers new milestones.


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