Victoria Orenze Biography: Songs, Tribe, Husband, Age, Parents, State of Origin

Victoria Orenze Biography

Victoria Orenze Biography – Victoria Orenze¬†has emerged as a prominent figure in Nigeria’s gospel music scene. Born in 1993 in Benin City, Nigeria, this talented artist has touched hearts with her soul-stirring songs and unwavering faith. Let’s delve into the fascinating biography of Victoria Orenze, exploring her songs, tribe, husband, age, parents, and state of origin.

Victoria Orenze Biography

Victoria Orenze Biography
Victoria Orenze



Victoria was raised in a Christian family where music played a significant role. She discovered her passion for singing at a young age and began honing her skills in various church choirs and events. After completing her primary and secondary education, Victoria proceeded to study Accounting at the prestigious University of Lagos.

Early Life and Background

Victoria Orenze hails from the Rivers tribe in Nigeria’s southeast. Despite her young age of 31, as of 2024, she has already left an indelible mark with her music. Growing up, Victoria discovered her passion for singing and found solace in worship. Her upbringing in Edo State, Nigeria, greatly influenced her musical journey, shaping her into the renowned gospel singer we know today.

Victoria Orenze Songs

Victoria Orenze’s discography is filled with powerful and uplifting songs that resonate with audiences worldwide. From “I Get Backing” to “Spiritual Surgery” and “Gratitude,” her music transcends barriers, touching souls and inspiring hope. Each melody is infused with deep spirituality and a profound sense of devotion, reflecting Victoria’s unwavering faith in God.

Personal Life

Contrary to some rumours, Victoria Orenze is not Yoruba but belongs to the Rivers tribe. While she was once married, she has since disclosed that she is currently single. Despite facing personal challenges, Victoria remains steadfast in her commitment to her music and ministry.

Does Victoria Orenze Have A Child?

In a surprising revelation, Victoria Orenze shared on social media about her three children – Enesi, Oyiza, and Omeiza. However, she clarified that the woman seen with her children is their surrogate mother. This revelation sparked discussions, highlighting Victoria’s openness about her journey to motherhood.


1. Does Victoria Orenze have children? Victoria Orenze revealed that she has three children РEnesi, Oyiza, and Omeiza. However, she clarified that they were born through a surrogate mother.

2. What is Victoria Orenze’s age?¬†As of 2024, Victoria Orenze is 31 years old, having been born in 1993.

3. What is the Victoria Orenze tribe?¬†Victoria Orenze belongs to the Rivers tribe, which originates from Nigeria’s southeast region.

4. Is Victoria Orenze married? While Victoria Orenze was previously married, she has stated that she is currently single.

5. What are some of Victoria Orenze’s songs?¬†Victoria Orenze has captivated audiences with songs like “I Get Backing,” “Spiritual Surgery,” “Gratitude,” and many more, each carrying a powerful message of faith and worship.


Victoria Orenze’s life is a testament to the transformative power of music and faith. Through her captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, she continues to inspire millions around the globe. As we journey through her biography, we discover that she is not just a singer but a beacon of hope and a voice of worship.

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