Taki Big Brother Mzansi Biography: Real Name, Age, Parents, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Biography

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Biography – In the world of Big Brother Mzansi Season 4, Taki stands out as a captivating and disruptive force. Let’s unfold the layers of his life, starting with the basics.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Biography

Who is Taki Big Brother Mzansi?

Taki, an entertainer by profession, entered the reality TV scene in South Africa as one of the housemates in Season 4 of Big Brother Mzansi. His magnetic personality has been shaped by experiences in various countries worldwide.

Describing himself as a lover boy with a deep sense of emotion and loyalty in relationships, Taki is here not only to have fun but to prove his worth and make lasting connections. However, his intriguing trait lies in his ability to use secrets to his advantage when needed. Part of the S’ya Mosha team, translating to “let’s have fun” in Zulu, Taki is a disruptor, stirring up chaos and messiness in the house.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Age

As of 2024, Taki is a vibrant 24-year-old, bringing youthful energy to the Big Brother Mzansi house.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Real Name

Beyond the screen, Taki goes by the name Takalani Muthige.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Early Life and Education

Born on January 12, 2000, in Limpopo, South Africa, Taki hails from a musical family. His father, a jazz guitarist, and his mother, a gospel singer, paved the way for his passion for music and drama. Attending Glenwood High School in Durban further fueled his artistic interests.

Taki’s journey led him to work as an entertainer, taking him to diverse corners of the globe, including Japan, France, and Brazil.

How did Taki get into the Big Brother Mzansi show?

Taki’s entry into the Big Brother Mzansi show involved submitting a compelling two-minute video during the audition process. On January 21, 2024, he joined 22 other housemates, taking on the role of a secret disruptor alongside Neo and Faheema. The trio was strategically placed to inject chaos and messiness into the house as part of the S’ya Mosha team. Taki’s goal was clear – make friends, have fun, and prove his worth.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Personal Life

In the realm of relationships, Taki is currently flying solo. However, his attention is firmly fixed on fellow housemate Naledi. Using his charm and humor, he attempts to woo her, though she appears to be playing hard to get. Not confined to one interest, Taki has flirted with other housemates, such as Zara and Lerato, but Naledi remains his primary focus.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Parents

Taki’s upbringing took place in Limpopo, South Africa, where he spent his early years receiving nurturing guidance from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Muthige.

Taki Big Brother Mzansi Net Worth

As of 2024, Taki’s net worth is estimated to be around US$35,000, a testament to his budding career in the entertainment industry.


Q1: How old is Taki from Big Brother Mzansi? A1: Taki is 24 years old as of 2024.

Q2: What is Taki’s real name? A2: Taki’s real name is Takalani Muthige.

Q3: How did Taki join the Big Brother Mzansi show? A3: Taki submitted a two-minute video as part of the audition process and entered the house on January 21, 2024, as a secret disruptor.

Q4: Is Taki currently in a relationship? A4: No, Taki is currently single but has expressed interest in fellow housemate Naledi.

Q5: What is Taki’s net worth? A5: Taki’s net worth is estimated to be around US$35,000 as of 2024.


Taki’s journey in Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 is one filled with excitement, disruption, and a quest for meaningful connections. As the chaos unfolds in the house, viewers are left intrigued by Taki’s magnetic charm and his pursuit of love amidst the mayhem. Stay tuned for more updates on Taki’s escapades in the Big Brother Mzansi house!

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