Sisi Quadri Biography: Real Wife, Wife Picture, Child, Family

Sisi Quadri Biography

Sisi Quadri BiographySisi Quadri, named Tolani Oyebamiji, was more than just a filmmaker. His life, interwoven with love, family, and stardom, left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry. This post unveils the captivating journey of Sisi Quadri, from his mysterious wife to the tragic loss that shook his world.

Sisi Quadri Biography

Sisi Quadri’s Real Wife

The identity of Sisi Quadri’s wife remained a well-guarded secret. Rumors circulated, but the truth was elusive. Funmi Awelewa, his best friend, played a pivotal role in his life. Together, they created magic in the hit movie “Ebudola” in 2020, exchanging vows on-screen. Their on-screen chemistry continued in “Toko Taya” in 2022, sealing their fictional love story.

Sisi Quadri’s Sons

In his real life, Sisi Quadri was blessed with two sons, Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji. The actor and filmmaker embraced fatherhood with joy, cherishing the moments with his growing family.

Sisi Quadri Child

Sisi Quadri Child

Sisi Quadri’s Family and Early Life

Hailing from Iwo, Osun State, Sisi Quadri’s roots ran deep. His father, Alhaji Jimoh Oyebamiji, known as Yagofeesu, shaped his upbringing. Sisi Quadri’s marriage blessed him with four children – three sons and a daughter.

Who Is Sisi Quadri Mother?

Mrs Oyebamij, tragedy struck when Sisi Quadri lost his mother on February 22, 2023. The pain of this loss lingered, adding a somber note to his vibrant life.

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Sisi Quadri’s Education

Born in Iwo, Osun State, Sisi Quadri’s journey began with basic Islamic education in his hometown. His talkative talent, inherited from his parents, found expression when an uncle introduced him to the world of acting during his upbringing in Ore, Ondo State. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ore, shaping the foundation for his future endeavors.

Sisi Quadri’s Net Worth

While emotions filled his personal life, professionally, Sisi Quadri soared. With a net worth of $102,000, he carved a niche for himself in the competitive world of filmmaking.

Sisi Quadri’s Real Age

Sisi Quadri passed away at the age of 44. The news sent shockwaves through the industry, marking the end of a cinematic era.

Sisi Quadri’s Career

Sisi Quadri ventured into the entertainment industry as a makeup artist in 2002, later transitioning into acting full-time. Renowned for his comedic and insulting dialogue delivery, he graced many Yoruba movies, earning accolades for his roles in ‘Seranko Seniyan’ and ‘Ebudola.’ Beyond acting, he showcased his skills as a trained fashion designer and master of ceremonies. His earnings allowed him to invest in a thriving tailoring business and build his dream home

Sisi Quadri’s Death

Tragically, Sisi Quadri succumbed to an undisclosed illness on March 1, 2024, leaving the Nollywood community and fans in mourning. Colleagues and admirers expressed shock and sadness, remembering a talent lost too soon. At 44, he bid farewell, leaving behind a void in the industry


Q: Who was Sisi Quadri’s real wife? A: Sisi Quadri’s real wife remains a mystery, but on-screen, he shared a special bond with Funmi Awelewa.

Q: How many children did Sisi Quadri have? A: Sisi Quadri was a proud father of two sons, Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji and Olamide Oyebamiji.

Q: What is Sisi Quadri’s net worth? A: Sisi Quadri’s net worth was estimated to be $102,000.


Sisi Quadri’s journey was a tapestry of love, family, and professional triumphs. From his unspoken love story with Funmi Awelewa to the heartbreak of losing his mother, every chapter shaped the man behind the cinematic brilliance. As we remember Sisi Quadri, his legacy lives on through his movies and the impact he left on those who knew him.

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