Ruth Kadiri Biography: Husband, Movies, Son, Whatsapp Number

Ruth Kadiri Biography

Ruth Kadiri Biography – Nollywood has seen the rise of many talented actors, and Ruth Kadiri stands out as a prominent figure in the industry. This comprehensive biography looks into her personal life, career, and more.

Ruth Kadiri Biography

Who is Ruth Kadiri? Ruth Kadiri, born on March 24, 1988, hails from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Raised in the city, she has become a household name in the Nigerian film industry, known for her remarkable performances.

Ruth Kadiri Family Life

Husband and Son Ruth Kadiri is happily married to Mr. Ezerika. The couple welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Emerald. Although a private person, Ruth has not disclosed her Whatsapp number to the public.

Here’s a breakdown of Ruth Kadiri’s family:

  • Parents:
    • Father: Desmond Kadiri
    • Mother: Information about Ruth’s mother is not publicly available.
  • Siblings:
    • Sister: Precious This Kadiri – A successful businesswoman and the CEO of Florebeddings, a Nigerian bedding company.
  • Husband: Mr. Ezerika (married in 2018) – Details about his profession are not publicly known, but we can confirm he is not an actor.
  • Children:
    • Son: Reign Ezerika (born August 21, 2019)
    • Second child (born July 20, 2022) – The gender of their second child has not been publicly shared.
  • Ruth Kadiri prioritizes her family’s privacy. While she shares occasional photos with her husband and children, she avoids revealing too much personal information.
  • Her father, Desmond Kadiri, is not involved in the Nollywood film industry.

Ruth Kadiri Age and Career Achievements

As of October 26, 2024, Ruth Kadiri is 36 years old. Her journey in Nollywood has been marked by numerous accolades, making her a respected actress. To join Ruth Kadiri Production, visit NO. 4, OBALEMISORO STREET, OFF ILAJE BUS STOP.

Who is Ruth Kadiri Husband Picture

Who is Ruth Kadiri Husband Picture

Ruth Kadiri Tribe and Speculations

While Ruth Kadiri is from Edo State, some fans speculate that she might be Igbo, considering the dominant tribe in the region. However, this remains an assumption that needs to be confirmed facts.

Ruth Kadiri Movies

Ruth Kadiri is a prolific Nigerian actress with a filmography spanning numerous movies. Here’s a breakdown of her acting credits:

As an Actress:

  • She has starred in over 200 Nollywood films (as of October 26, 2024).

Popular Films:

  • While a complete list would be extensive, here are some of her most famous movies:
    • Sex and Love (2018)
    • Gateman (2017)
    • Love Me (II) (2021-present)
    • Better Half (II) (2023)
    • Mannerless (2023)
    • The Final List (2019)
    • Love and the CEO (2023)
    • Dance with Me (III) (2022)

Ruth Kadiri Wedding Photos

Ruth Kadiri Wedding Photos


Q: Is Mr. Ezerika an actor? A: No, Ruth Kadiri’s husband, Mr. Ezerika, is not an actor.

Q: What is Ruth Kadiri’s Whatsapp number? A: Ruth Kadiri has not revealed her Whatsapp number to the public.

Q: How old is Ruth Kadiri? A: Born on March 24, 1988, she is 36 years old as of October 26, 2024.


Ruth Kadiri’s journey in the Nigerian film industry has been inspiring. From her roots in Benin City to her flourishing career, she continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional talent. While she keeps certain aspects of her life private, her contributions to Nollywood are undoubtedly significant.

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