Pemphero Mphande Biography: Dating Site, Wife, Net Worth, Facebook

Pemphero Mphande Biography

Pemphero Mphande Biography, a prominent figure known for various endeavors, has garnered attention lately. Let’s delve into his intriguing life story.

Pemphero Mphande Biography

Pemphero Mphande Biography

Personal Life

Pemphero hails from Blantyre and has two sisters. Despite being unmarried, he shares a special bond with his daughter, Withu Natalia Mphande. Currently, he resides in Blantyre.


His educational journey includes primary schooling at various institutions, culminating at St Peter’s Primary school in 2005. He pursued secondary education at Phwezi Boys Secondary School until 2009. Subsequently, he enrolled at the University of Malawi, College of Medicine, graduating with a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in 2016.


Post-graduation, Pemphero commenced his professional journey at Malawi Blood Transfusion Services. He later founded the Forum for AIDS Counselling and Training (FACT), where he serves as the Executive Director.

Early Leadership

His leadership skills flourished during his college years, leading various student associations.

Politics and Activism

Pemphero’s activism spans diverse spheres, including political engagement and social causes. He founded Viva La Revolution Malawienne and ventured into mainstream politics. Additionally, he champions progressive causes such as abortion rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

Pemphero Mphande Dating Site

Pemphero Mphande ventured into the digital realm with his dating site, 265 Dates. This platform has gained popularity, offering individuals in Malawi a chance to connect romantically.

Pemphero Mphande Wife

Contrary to speculation, Pemphero Mphande isn’t married. He shares a long-term relationship with Linda, spanning six years. However, recent reports suggest a shift in their romantic dynamics, hinting at challenges.

Pemphero Mphande Net Worth

As of 2024, Pemphero Mphande’s net worth stands impressively at around 17 million US dollars. His entrepreneurial ventures and strategic investments have contributed significantly to this wealth.

Pemphero Mphande Facebook Profile

Stay updated with Pemphero Mphande by following his Facebook profile here. Engage with his posts and gain insights into his life and activities.


Q: Is Pemphero Mphande married? A: No, he is not married. He shares a relationship with Linda but is not legally wedded.

Q: What is Pemphero Mphande’s net worth? A: Pemphero Mphande’s net worth is estimated to be around 17 million US dollars as of 2024.

Q: Where can I find Pemphero Mphande’s dating site? A: You can visit Pemphero Mphande’s dating site, 265 Dates, at

Q: How can I connect with Pemphero Mphande on Facebook? A: You can follow Pemphero Mphande on Facebook by visiting his profile here.


Pemphero Mphande’s journey reflects resilience, innovation, and success. From establishing a popular dating site to amassing significant wealth, his accomplishments are noteworthy. Stay tuned to his endeavors and explore his digital footprint for more insights.

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