Nakhumicha Biography: Husband, Father, Parents, Tribe, Age, Net worth, Twitter

Nakhumicha Biography

Susan Nakhumicha Biography Susan Nakhumicha Wafula is a prominent figure in Kenyan politics and a respected supply chain expert. Recently appointed as the Cabinet Minister for Health, she has garnered attention for her dedication and commitment to public service. Let’s delve into Susan Nakhumicha’s life, exploring her family background, tribe, age, net worth, and presence on Twitter.

Susan Nakhumicha Biography

Susan Nakhumicha Biography
Susan Nakhumicha Biography

Susan Nakhumicha Parents – Family Background

Susan Nakhumicha was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wafula in Kitale, Kenya. She hails from a loving and supportive family, with her parents still happily married. Her upbringing in Kitale has instilled a strong sense of community and responsibility towards her fellow citizens.

Susan Nakhumicha Tribe and Early Life

As a proud Kenyan, Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’s roots are deeply tied to her tribe and culture. Born in Kitale, she identifies with her tribe’s rich traditions, drawing strength from its values of unity and resilience.

Susan Nakhumicha Age and Personal Life

Susan Nakhumicha was born on March 19, 1985, and is 39 years old as of 2024. Despite her busy schedule in politics and professional endeavors, she remains dedicated to her personal life. Contrary to some rumors, Susan Nakhumicha is not married and is focused on her career and serving her nation.

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CS Nakhumicha Education Background

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’s educational journey shows her passion for learning and growing professionally. She started at St. Brigrids Girls Kiminini in her hometown. Interested in health, she studied Pharmacy at the Kenya Medical Training College. 2006 she learned about Healthcare Management at the Kenya Institute of Management.

To specialize further, Susan pursued a Master’s in Procurement and Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2014. She’s working on her Ph.D. in Business Management, Operation Management, and Supply Chain Research, set to finish in 2023. Susan’s education reflects her commitment to excellence and expertise in her field.

Susan Nakhumicha Net Worth

As of 2024, Susan Nakhumicha Wafula boasts an impressive net worth of Ksh.401 million. Her success in politics and the corporate world has contributed to her financial prosperity, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in Kenya.

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula Career

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula has a fantastic career story. She’s good at managing supply chains, especially in healthcare. Before joining President William’s Cabinet, she was the top person in charge of the supply chain. In 2006, she started as the boss of the Pharmacy in the Kisumu Branch of AAR Healthcare Ltd. For five years, she learned and got better at managing warehouses and buying things at Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies-MEDS.

In 2014, she joined The Nairobi Women’s Hospital Group. She did a great job as the Procurement & Logistics Manager until June 2016. After that, from August 2017 onwards, Susan showed her leadership as the Head of Supply Chain at UCSF. She learned much about Agile and Intelligent Supply Chain and Operations in the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of different roles, she knows a lot about procurement policies, saving money, and managing supplies. Susan has a lot of knowledge and experience in handling other things!

Nakhumicha Twitter Profile

Stay updated with Susan Nakhumicha’s latest endeavors and insights by following her on Twitter @Nakhumicha_S. Engage with her on social media platforms to discuss crucial issues affecting Kenya and beyond.

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula Phone Number

Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’s decision to keep her phone number private is personal. As a public figure, she values her privacy and wants to maintain boundaries between her personal and professional life.


Q: Is Susan Nakhumicha married? A: No, Susan Nakhumicha is not married. She is currently single and not dating anyone.

Q: What is Susan Nakhumicha’s net worth? A: As of 2024, Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’s net worth is estimated to be Ksh.401 million.

Q: What is Susan Nakhumicha’s age? A: Susan Nakhumicha was born on March 19, 1985, and as of 2024, she was 39 years old.


Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’s journey from a humble upbringing to becoming a notable politician and supply chain expert is truly inspiring. Her dedication to public service and her commitment to her family and community set her apart as a leader worth admiring. As she continues to make strides in her career, Susan Nakhumicha remains a beacon of hope and progress for the people of Kenya.

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