Modupe Alakija Biography: Net Worth, Age, Husband, Children

Modupe Alakija Biography

Modupe Alakija Biography: This prominent figure in Nigeria’s business landscape has left an indelible mark with her remarkable journey. Let’s look into the life of this visionary woman, covering her net worth, age, family, and the sources of her extraordinary wealth.

Modupe Alakija Biography

Modupe Alakija Biography

Modupe Alakija Brief History

Folorunsho Alakija began her career in 1974 as an executive secretary at Sijuade Enterprises in Lagos, Nigeria. Her journey led her to the former First National Bank of Chicago, now part of First City Monument Bank, where she served as the Executive Secretary to the Managing Director.

Modupe Alakija’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Modupe Alakija’s net worth is an impressive $3.1 billion. This staggering wealth is a testament to her success in the business world.

Modupe Alakija Age

Modupe Alakija, at 73 years old, continues to inspire with her wisdom and achievements.

Modupe Alakija Marriage and Family

In November 1976, Modupe Alakija tied the knot with Folorunsho Alakija. The couple resides in Lagos, Nigeria, with their four sons – Ladi, Folarin, Rotimi, and Dele. In June 2017, their son Folarin Alakija married Iranian model Nazanin Jafarian Ghaissarifar. Reports suggest that the billionaire couple has reportedly separated.

modupe alakija husband
modupe alakija husband

Modupe Alakija Children

The Alakija family includes Ladi Alakija, Folarin Alakija, Rotimi Alakija, and Dele Alakija – each carving their path in life.

Modupe Alakija Children

Modupe Alakija’s Father – Family Background

Modupe Alakija’s father had Egba ancestry, while her Mom was the daughter of Alfa Cyprian Akinosho Tairu of Oyo. This rich heritage undoubtedly influenced her journey.

What is Alakija’s Source of Wealth?

Alakija’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through with her first company, a fashion label boasting high-profile clients, including the wife of former Nigerian president Ibrahim Babangida. In 1993, the Nigerian government awarded her company an oil prospecting license, later converted to an oil mining lease.

Who are the Alakija family?

The Alakija family is one of the most influential families in Nigeria. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Folorunsho Alakija: The most prominent member is Folorunsho Alakija, a billionaire businesswoman involved in the fashion, oil, real estate, and printing industries. She is known for being the vice chairman of Famfa Oil, a major oil exploration and production company in Nigeria, and the group managing director of The Rose of Sharon Group.
  • Modupe Alakija: Folorunsho’s husband.
  • Children: Folorunso and Modupe Alakija have children, including Folarin Alakija, the CEO of Famfa Oil.
  • Other members: The family tree includes Adeyemo Alakija (Folorunsho’s father) and siblings.

Overall, the Alakijas are a prominent Nigerian family with significant influence in business and philanthropy.


Q1: What is Modupe Alakija’s net worth?

A1: Modupe Alakija’s net worth is $3.1 billion as of 2024.

Q2: How many children does Modupe Alakija have?

A2: Modupe Alakija has four children – Ladi, Folarin, Rotimi, and Dele.

Q3: When did Modupe Alakija start her career?

A3: Modupe Alakija began her 12-year banking career 1974 as an executive secretary.


Modupe Alakija’s biography is a testament to resilience, entrepreneurship, and success. Her journey from the banking sector to becoming an oil mogul showcases her unwavering determination. As we explore the facets of her life, one can’t help but be inspired by the legacy she continues to build.

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