Mike Nkuna Biography: Contact Details, Age, Net Worth, Children

Mike Nkuna Biography

Mike Nkuna Biography – In the dynamic world of success stories, Mike Nkuna stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Born on 1958, in Giyani, Limpopo Province, Mike’s journey from humble beginnings to achieving remarkable milestones is nothing short of extraordinary.

Mike Nkuna Biography

Mike Nkuna Biography
              Mike Nkuna

Who is Mike Nkuna?

Mike Nkuna, a renowned South African businessman and property developer, has become a symbol of success in Mzansi. From a childhood spent herding cattle to founding Masingita Property Investment Holdings, his journey is a testament to resilience and hard work.

Mike Nkuna’s Profile and Bio Summary

  • Full Name: Michael Khazamula Nkuna
  • Profession: Property Tycoon and Businessman
  • Nationality: South African
  • Marital Status: Married to Amu Nkuna
  • Residence: Johannesburg, South Africa

Mike Nkuna Net Worth: A Billionaire in the Making?

In January 2024, Nkuna’s commercial property portfolio in the township was estimated at over R4-billion. Let’s explore how he achieved this remarkable milestone.

Where Was Mike Nkuna Born?

Born in Limpopo between 1950 and 1960, Mike Nkuna’s early life involved herding cattle and assisting in his father’s butchery. Despite limited means, his determination paved the way for future success.

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Venturing into Property Development

In 1979, Nkuna entered the business arena by joining his father’s butchery. Recognizing opportunities, he established a construction company to leverage subsidies offered to black residents by the apartheid government.

The Breakthrough: Soweto and Beyond

In 1983, the Soweto municipality presented Nkuna with a plot of land, a turning point in his career. Despite tempting offers from BP, he chose to develop the land into a shopping center. This decision marked the beginning of his ascent in the world of commercial property.

Mike Nkuna’s Business Empire: Properties and Franchises

Mike Nkuna is not just a property tycoon; he’s the proud owner and operator of various retail and filling station franchises across South Africa.

How Many Malls Does Mike Nkuna Own?

  1. Protea Glen Mall – Soweto
  2. Bara Mall – Soweto
  3. Diepsloot Mall – Diepsloot
  4. Jabulani Mall – Soweto
  5. Masingita Mall – Giyani
  6. Masingita Towers – Sandton
  7. Makhado Crossing – Venda
  8. Aeroton Convenience Centre – Nasrec
  9. Masingita Shopping Centre – Giyani
  10. MotorTown – Giyani
  11. Mangalani Convenience Centre – Giyani
  12. Masingita Plaza – Giyani
  13. Mangala Convenience Centre – Soweto
  14. Mangalani Shopping Centre – Malamulele

Ownership Clarification: Nkuna Kraal Mall

Despite speculations, reports suggest that Nkuna Kraal Mall was built by Masingita Group of Companies, indicating they are the rightful owners.

Mike Nkuna Net Worth

While specific net worth details are undisclosed, estimates put his worth above R1.6 billion rands. Notable valuations include Protea Mall at R700 million (2024) and Jabulani Mall at R1.4 billion.

Mike Nkuna’s Personal Life

  • Wife: Amu Nkuna, CEO of Masingita Facilities Management Services
  • Family: He shared the sorrow of losing his son, Esley, in September 2022, describing it as a moment of great sadness.

How Many Shares Does Mike Nkuna Have At Kaizer Chiefs?

Billionaire Mike Nkuna, the founder of Masingita Group, owns a significant stake in Kaizer Chiefs. Reports suggest he holds 35% of the shares, showcasing his influence beyond the property sector.

Mike Nkuna’s Businesses at a Glance

  • Vw & Audi Polokwane
  • 14 Malls in Soweto, Giyani, Makhado, Diepsloot
  • 5 Garages in Soweto & Giyani
  • Properties in Sandton

Mike Nkuna Contact Details

For those seeking to connect, Mike Nkuna’s email address is mikenk@masingitagc.co.za.


Mike Nkuna Biography story exemplifies resilience and hard work, showcasing how one can transcend humble beginnings to achieve immense success. His impact on South Africa’s property development landscape is both inspiring and transformative.

In conclusion, Mike Nkuna stands not just as a property magnate but as a symbol of what dedication and vision can accomplish. His legacy continues to shape the real estate sector, leaving an indelible mark on the nation.

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