Julius Abure Biography Wikipedia, State Of Origin, Age, Tribe, Net Worth

Julius Abure Biography Wikipedia

Barrister Julius Abure Biography Wikipedia, the current National Chairman of the Labour Party in Nigeria, emerged in this role in 2021, filling the leadership vacuum left by the demise of Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam. This post delves into his biography, controversies, and net worth.

Julius Abure Biography Wikipedia

  • Name:¬†Julius Abure
  • Date of Birth: June 12, 1975
  • Age: 49
  • Nationality:¬†Nigerian
  • State of Origin:¬†Rivers State
  • Tribe:¬†Igbo
  • Occupation:¬†Politician
  • Marital Status:¬†Married
  • Net Worth: $7500,000

Educational Background

Julius Abure’s academic journey focuses on law. He bagged his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from a reputable Nigerian university, cultivating a profound understanding of legal principles and governance.


Before assuming the role of National Chairman, Abure served as the Labour Party’s National Secretary, gaining valuable experience in party administration. His legal background enhances his grasp of the legal framework in Nigerian politics. As the National Chairman, he shapes the party’s policies, mobilizes support, and navigates challenges to strengthen the Labour Party.

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Abure’s tenure faced internal power struggles and factionalism within the Labour Party. Allegations of misinformation and false news led to his suspension as Chairman. The party is embroiled in a crisis marked by conflicting factions, further intensified by legal battles and accusations of thug sponsorship.

Barr Julius’ Personal Life

Abure maintains a private life, keeping his background, family, and hobbies undisclosed. He is chiefly recognized for his political contributions to the Labour Party.

Barrister Julius Abure Net Worth

Julius Abure’s estimated net Worth stands at approximately $750,000.


Q1: Where is Julius Abure from? A: Julius Abure hails from Rivers State.

Q2: How old is Julius Abure? A: Born June 12, 1975, Julius Abure is 49 years old.


In conclusion, Julius Abure’s journey in Nigerian politics, from his educational background to controversies, shapes the narrative of the Labour Party. Despite challenges, he continues to influence the party’s trajectory. Though challenging, the controversies and legal battles underscore the dynamic nature of Nigerian politics.

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