IBD Dende Biography: Age, House, Wife, Net Worth, Son, Phone Number

ibd dende biography

IBD Dende Biography – Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, widely known as IBD Dende. This post looks into the life of this remarkable entrepreneur, shedding light on his business ventures, controversies, and unwavering commitment to community development.

IBD Dende Biography

IBD Dende Biography
IBD Dende and Tinubu


Who is IBD Dende? At 54, Ibrahim Egungbohun is not just a successful entrepreneur but a football enthusiast dedicated to nurturing young talents. His efforts have propelled many players to international recognition.

IBD Dende’s Background

IBD Dende, born on March 3, 1970, in Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria, is the chairman of IBD Group, a conglomerate spanning industries like clearing and forwarding, logistics, hospitality, quarry, palm oil production, and farming. His journey from a challenging early life to a successful businessman is a testament to his determination.

IBD Dende Wife & Son – Family Life

IBD Dende shares his life with the charming Omolara Ashogbon Egungbohun. Despite religious differences, the couple, devout Muslim and Christian, is happily married with two children.

IBD Dende’s Early Life and Education

Raised in Ilaro, IBD Dende attended St. John Anglican Primary School and Community High School. Despite facing adversity, he pursued knowledge through online courses and obtained proficiency certificates in Business Administration and Freight Forwarding Management.

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Controversies Surrounding IBD Dende

Despite his success, IBD Dende has faced controversies. In 2024, he faced allegations of smuggling rice, turkey, and ammunition. He vehemently denies these claims, citing his legitimacy, and even petitioned the Inspector General of Police for an investigation.

In 2023, a viral video depicted a heated argument at the Seme border, where IBD Dende clashed with a customs officer. Threats and claims of connections to top customs officials sparked public outrage. In 2019, he faced arrest by the EFCC for money laundering and tax evasion, though he was later released on bail.

A 2017 lawsuit by a former employee accusing IBD Dende of owed salaries and assault was settled out of court after a payment of N50 million.

IBD Dende’s Diverse Business Ventures

IBD Dende’s entrepreneurial journey began as an apprentice under Alhaji Akeem Adigun. In 1998, he established IBD Impex Limited, specializing in clearing and forwarding. Over the years, he diversified into hospitality, establishing the IBD International Hotel in Ilaro and the IBD Dende Royal Hotel in Abeokuta.

In 2010, he ventured into quarrying with IBD Dende Quarry Limited and palm oil production with IBD Dende Palm Oil Limited. His business portfolio further includes automobile sales and real estate development through IBD Dende Motors Limited and IBD Dende Properties Limited, respectively.

IBD Dende’s Philanthropic Ventures

In 2011, IBD Dende founded the IBD Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to human capital development, economic empowerment, and community projects in Yewa land. The foundation sponsors educational scholarships, healthcare services, sports, and infrastructural development.

IBD Dende Net Worth Forbes 2024

As of 2024, IBD Dende’s net worth stands at a staggering $35 million, according to Forbes. His success isn’t limited to football; he is also a reputable automobile dealer, offering various brands and models.

IBD Dende Phone Number

IBD Dende isn’t just about sports; he extends his influence through an influencer platform. For exclusive access, call 020 3021 0899 at £ 57+ VAT per month.

IBD Dende Instagram

Explore glimpses of IBD Dende’s life through captivating pictures on his Instagram profile – @ibddende.

How did IBD Dende start his football journey?

IBD Dende laid the foundation with the Juvenile Club in 2003, focusing on nurturing young football talents.


  1. Is IBD Dende a legitimate businessman?
    • Yes, IBD Dende asserts his legitimacy as an importer-exporter with a valid custom license.
  1. What sectors does IBD Dende operate in?
    • IBD Dende is involved in clearing and forwarding, logistics, hospitality, quarry, palm oil production, farming, automobile sales, and real estate.
  1. How does IBD Dende contribute to community development?
    • Through the IBD Foundation, he sponsors educational scholarships, healthcare services, sports, and infrastructure projects in Yewa land.


In conclusion, IBD Dende’s biography is a narrative of resilience, determination, and success. Despite facing controversies, he remains committed to business excellence and community development. His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the intricate landscape of Nigerian business.

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