Hannah Wigwe Biography: Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Parents

Hannah Wigwe Biography

Hannah Wigwe Biography, the third child and second daughter of Herbert and Chizoba Wigwe, was born on March 18, 2003, and at the age of 20, she stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial brilliance. Inheriting her father’s unwavering spirit and passion for making a positive impact, Hannah has crafted her own path, distinct from her father’s illustrious legacy.

Hannah Wigwe Biography

Hannah Wigwe Biography
Herbert Wigwe with his wife and two children, Chizi and Hannah

Early Entrepreneurial Pursuits

In a bold move in 2021, Hannah decided to drop out of college and venture into the world of e-commerce and fashion. Her brainchild, “Hannah’s Closet,” an online clothing store, quickly became a hub for trendy and affordable outfits catering to the fashion-forward young women of today. The store reflects not just her style but her commitment to offering quality and style without breaking the bank.

Multimedia Maven

Hannah’s journey doesn’t stop at the world of fashion. The young entrepreneur successfully runs a YouTube channel, where she shares her fashion tips, hauls, and reviews. This multimedia approach not only showcases her style but also allows her to connect with a wider audience, creating a community around her brand.

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Personal Life and Choices

Contrary to the expectations often placed on public figures, Hannah is single and not in a hurry to settle down. Her priorities lie in enjoying life to the fullest, embracing her love for travel, shopping, and spending time with friends. Residing in a luxurious apartment in Lagos and driving a fancy car, she epitomizes the fusion of success and a vibrant lifestyle.

Family Bonds and Global Connections

Despite her busy schedule, Hannah maintains a close relationship with her siblings, frequently visiting them in London and New York. This global connection echoes her family values and adds a personal touch to her public persona.

Hannah Wigwe Pictures

Hannah Wigwe Pictures
Herbert Wigwe with his wife and four children, Chizi, Tochi, Hannah, and David


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Addressing Speculations

Addressing common queries, Hannah is not on Instagram, safeguarding her private life. Rumors questioning her existence can be put to rest – Hannah Wigwe is very much alive and thriving.

Hannah Wigwe Net Worth

Hannah Wigwe’s net worth is $2.5 million.

How many kids does Wigwe have?

In his personal life, Wigwe was married to Chizoba Wigwe (formerly Nwuba) and was blessed with a family of four children.


1. Is Hannah Wigwe active on Instagram? No, Hannah values her privacy and chooses not to be on Instagram.

2. How old is Hannah Wigwe? Born on March 18, 2003, she is currently 20 years old.

3. Does Hannah Wigwe have a daughter? No, she is the third child and second daughter of Herbert and Chizoba Wigwe.

4. Is Hannah Wigwe alive? Yes, Hannah Wigwe is alive and making waves in the entrepreneurial world.


In conclusion, Hannah Wigwe’s journey is an inspiring tale of carving one’s identity amidst a prominent family background. From the launch of “Hannah’s Closet” to her engaging YouTube channel, she stands as a testament to passion, talent, and determination. As Hannah continues to influence the worlds of e-commerce and fashion, her story unfolds as a source of motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts alike

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