Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Biography: Age, Husband, Education, Political Career, Net Worth

Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Biography

Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Biography – Born on March 4, 1989, Hafsat Abubakar Bakari is a distinguished legal and financial intelligence expert. Her formative years cultivated a sense of duty and commitment to excellence, shaping her illustrious career. At 35 years old in 2024, Bakari’s journey began with a passion for justice and combating financial crimes.

Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Education

Bakari’s academic prowess shines through her alma mater, the University of Ahmadu Bello, where she studied law. This foundation armed her with skills crucial for navigating the legal landscape and contributing significantly to financial intelligence. Her academic achievements positioned her as an authority in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and counter-proliferation financing.

Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Career

Bakari’s career is marked by an unwavering pursuit of justice and combating financial crimes. With extensive experience in anti-money laundering and related fields, she emerged as a trusted expert. Before becoming the Director/CEO of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, she played a pivotal role as Deputy Director at NFIU and held leadership positions at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Personal Life

Despite a demanding career, Bakari maintains a private life. Rumors suggest marriage to Mr. Abubakar, but details remain undisclosed. Her focus on public service and professionalism prevails, defining her commitment to the greater good.

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Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Net Worth

As a legal and financial intelligence expert, Bakari’s success extends beyond her estimated net worth of $40,000. Her dedication and contributions to combating financial crimes underscore her commitment to transparency and integrity in Nigeria’s financial sector.

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Hafsat Abubakar Bakari Appointment

President Bola Tinubu’s approval of Bakari’s appointment as Director/CEO of NFIU attests to her leadership and expertise. Pending Senate confirmation, she is poised to strengthen Nigeria’s efforts against illicit financial flows. Bakari’s commitment to integrity remains steadfast in this critical role.

Other Facts About Hafsat Abubakar Bakari

Born on March 4, 1989, Bakari studied law at the University of Ahmadu Bello. Specializing in AML/CFT/CPF, her career includes roles at EFCC and NFIU. President Tinubu’s confidence in her capabilities led to her pivotal role at NFIU.


Q1: What is Hafsat Abubakar Bakari’s net worth? A: Hafsat Abubakar Bakari’s estimated net worth is $40,000.

Q2: When was Hafsat Abubakar Bakari born? A: Hafsat Abubakar Bakari was born on March 4, 1989.

Q3: What is Hafsat Abubakar Bakari’s educational background? A: Bakari studied law at the University of Ahmadu Bello.


Hafsat Abubakar Bakari’s journey from a law student to the Director/CEO of NFIU is a testament to her dedication and expertise. Her impact on combating financial crimes and promoting transparency marks her as a leading figure in Nigeria’s financial intelligence landscape.

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