Festus Osifo Biography: Age, Father, State Of Origin TUC

Festus Osifo Biography

Comrade Festus Osifo Biography, hailing from the vibrant Benin City in Edo state, is a figure shrouded in mystery, especially regarding his familial ties and age. While he chooses to keep certain aspects private, his influence as the President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) is undeniable. This post delves into the enigmatic biography of Festus Osifo, shedding light on his roots, contributions, and the economic perspectives he advocates for.

Festus Osifo Biography

Comrade Festus Osifo Biography
Comrade Festus Osifo


Festus Osifo is From Which State?

Originating from Benin City, Edo State, Festus Osifo proudly represents the cultural richness of his homeland. Benin City, renowned for its history and heritage, adds another layer of significance to Osifo’s identity.

Festus Osifo Father

In the pursuit of transparency, Festus Osifo has opted not to disclose details about his father. This unconventional decision underscores the value he places on certain aspects of his personal life.

How Old is Festus Osifo?

Festus Osifo’s age remains a well-guarded secret. Keeping this information confidential sparks curiosity and adds mystery to his persona.

Festus Osifo TUC Involvement

As the President of the Trade Union Congress, Festus Osifo stands as a critical figure addressing economic challenges. His insights and solutions significantly shape the nation’s economic landscape during tough times.

TUC’s Stand on Economic Difficulties:

Festus Osifo has actively collaborated with the TUC to find solutions to prevailing economic difficulties. His voice and leadership play a crucial role in navigating through challenging times.

Career at NNPC

Joining NNPC in 1996 as a graduate trainee engineer, Osifo rapidly climbed the ranks, becoming a senior engineer at the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company. His contributions to projects like TAM, AMS, and RCM enhanced refinery performance. He garnered international exposure through training programs and represented NNPC in global conferences.

Rise to Labour Leadership

Osifo’s involvement with PENGASSAN began in 1997, and his leadership journey saw him progress from branch secretary to national President in 2018. Responsible for over 20,000 members, he navigates negotiations, representing worker interests at national and international levels.

Achievements as PENGASSAN President

Osifo’s tenure has seen significant accomplishments:

  • Successful negotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with NNPC.
  • Leading advocacy for the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) to reform Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.
  • Protecting workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and initiating welfare projects like the PENGASSAN Academy.

Challenges and Controversies

Despite successes, Osifo faced challenges:

  • Addressing fuel scarcity and subsidy issues.
  • Battling casualization and outsourcing of oil and gas workers.
  • Balancing union member expectations and criticisms from various quarters.


Q1: Where is Festus Osifo from?

A1: Festus Osifo hails from Benin City, Edo state.

Q2: Who is Festus Osifo’s father?

A2: Festus Osifo has chosen not to disclose his father’s name.

Q3: How old is Festus Osifo?

A3: Festus Osifo has opted not to disclose his age.

Q4: What is TUC?

A4: TUC stands for the Trade Union Congress, which addresses labor-related issues and advocates for workers’ rights.


In unraveling Festus Osifo’s biography, we glimpse a life shaped by cultural roots and dedicated to economic solutions through TUC leadership. While specific details remain veiled, his impactful contributions leave an indelible mark on the socio-economic fabric.

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