Faith Odunsi Biography: University, Net Worth, Parents, Wikipedia

Faith Odunsi Biography

Miss Faith Odunsi Biography, born on August 30, 2005, in Ijebu, Ogun State, Nigeria, is a 16-year-old mathematics prodigy taking the world by storm. Celebrating her birthday on August 30, Faith’s journey into fame began when she represented Nigeria at the Global Mathematics Competition, outshining competitors from China, the USA, and the UK.

Who is Faith Odunsi?

Miss Faith Odunsi, a proud Nigerian, has captivated the internet, leaving people curious about her life, family, age, Wikipedia, Bio, and Net Worth.

As a final year student at Ambassadors School, Ota Ogun State, Faith’s brilliance knows no bounds. With ambitions in computer engineering, she has already secured her place in history by solving an astounding 19 mathematics questions in just 60 seconds, winning a cash prize of $1,000.

Faith Odunsi Biography

Faith Odunsi Biography
faith odunsi pictures

Faith Odunsi Parents

Born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Odunsi, both hailing from Ogun State, Faith Odunsi enjoys a supportive family background. Her father, a medical doctor, and her mother, a successful businesswoman, have played pivotal roles in shaping Faith’s character and ambition. Their influence has been instrumental in her academic and personal growth.

Faith Odunsi‘s Relationship Status

At 16, Faith Odunsi is more focused on her studies than on matters of the heart. With a promising career ahead, she has yet to delve into the realm of love. Ambitious and dedicated, Faith enjoys her teen life with family and friends. Any developments in her relationship status will be shared when the time comes.

Faith Odunsi Career, Math Competitions & Awards

While Faith has not officially commenced her career, she has already etched her name in history. Winning the Global Open Mathematics competition, she astounded everyone by answering 19 questions in just 60 seconds. The $1,000 cash prize is a testament to her brilliance.

Faith Odunsi Net Worth

As of 2024, Faith Odunsi’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $15,000 USD. This figure reflects not just her financial success but also the potential she holds for future endeavors. Faith’s journey at MIT undoubtedly contributes to her growing profile and financial stability.

Faith Odunsi University Life at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Faith Odunsi chose MIT for her higher education, specializing in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. MIT’s rigorous academic environment perfectly aligns with her aspirations and thirst for knowledge. The vibrant campus life and cutting-edge research opportunities make MIT an ideal place for Faith’s academic pursuits.


6 Facts You Need to Know About Faith Odunsi

  1. Faith inherited her mathematical skills from her father.
  2. Both her parents actively accompany her to events.
  3. The genius student maintains a low profile on social media.
  4. Faith loves traveling and reading books in her free time.
  5. She dedicates 3-4 hours daily to studies.
  6. Hobbies include dancing, singing, playing games, and learning new things.

Faith Odunsi JAMB Score

Faith Odunsi’s exceptional JAMB score of 320 showcases her academic prowess. This outstanding achievement opened doors to prestigious institutions globally, and her choice of MIT speaks volumes about her commitment to excellence.

Faith Odunsi Age

Faith Odunsi was born on 30 August 2005, making her 16 years old as of now. Despite her young age, she has demonstrated maturity and focus in pursuing her educational goals. Faith has chosen not to disclose her phone number, maintaining a level of privacy uncommon in today’s connected world.

Where is Faith Odunsi Now?

Miss Faith Odunsi, with her passion for technology and innovation, opted to pursue Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT. Her decision to study abroad reflects her commitment to gaining a global perspective on her chosen field.

Faith Odunsi Cowbellpedia

In 2018, Faith gained widespread admiration by achieving a remarkable feat in the Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition, where she set a new record by correctly answering 19 questions within a mere 60 seconds.

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Q1: How did Faith Odunsi become famous? Faith rose to fame after winning the Global Mathematics Competition, defeating countries like China, the USA, and the UK.

Q2: What is Faith Odunsi’s net worth? As of 2024, Faith’s net worth is estimated at $15k USD.

Q3: Is Faith Odunsi active on social media? No, Faith maintains a low profile on social media.

Q4: What is Faith Odunsi’s net worth?  As of 2024, Faith Odunsi’s estimated net worth is $15,000 USD.

Q5: Where is Faith Odunsi studying? Faith Odunsi is a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Q6: What was Faith Odunsi’s JAMB score? Faith Odunsi scored an impressive 320 in her JAMB examination.


In the realm of mathematics, Faith Odunsi stands as a beacon of brilliance. At just 16, she has achieved what many can only dream of, winning the Global Mathematics Competition and capturing hearts worldwide. As Faith continues her journey, her story unfolds, inspiring generations to come. Watch this space for more updates on the remarkable journey of Faith Odunsi, the young genius from Nigeria.

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