Dr Grace Boadu Biography: Husband, Location, Mansion, Death, Age, Wikipedia

Dr Grace Boadu Biography

Dr Grace Boadu Biography, a name synonymous with herbal healing, left an indelible mark on Ghana’s medical landscape. Let’s look into the fascinating aspects of her life, unraveling the mysteries behind her husband, location, mansion, death, age, and her noteworthy contributions.

Dr Grace Boadu Husband and Family Plans

Contrary to rumors, Dr. Grace Boadu was not married and had no children. However, she harbored dreams of starting a family and was in the process of preparing for marriage. Despite her professional commitments, family remained a significant part of her aspirations.

Dr Grace Boadu Location and Residence

Tragedy struck on January 29, 2024, when Dr. Boadu met her untimely end at her residence in Tantra Hills, Accra. The place where she had dedicated her life to herbal medicine became the setting for her final moments.

Dr Grace Boadu Death

Dr. Grace Boadu Kumanin, aged 46, breathed her last on that fateful Monday. A renowned herbal medicine practitioner and the CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Hospital, she was also a proud member of the World Diplomatic Federation and Herbal Health Evangelion Ambassador.

Dr Grace Boadu Contact Details

For those seeking to connect with her legacy, Dr. Grace Boadu’s contact number remains active: 024 651 8003. Reach out to discover more about her groundbreaking work and contributions to herbal medicine.

What Killed Dr. Grace Boadu?

The circumstances surrounding her death raised eyebrows. It was alleged that she slipped in her bathroom, hitting her head on the ground. An unfortunate accident that shook the medical community and her admirers.

Dr Grace Boadu Family Ties

While she had no children of her own, Dr. Boadu had a brother named Emmanuel Boadu. The familial bond added a personal touch to her professional journey.

Dr Grace Boadu Date of Birth

Born on September 16, 1977, Dr. Grace Boadu’s life unfolded over four decades, leaving an everlasting impact on herbal medicine and healthcare.

Dr Grace Boadu Mansion

Dr Grace Boadu Mansion


Q1: Was Dr. Grace Boadu married? A1: No, she was not married but had plans to start a family.

Q2: What caused her death? A2: Allegedly, she slipped in her bathroom, leading to a fatal head injury.

Q3: Did she have children? A3: No, Dr. Boadu was not a mother, but she had a brother named Emmanuel Boadu.

Q4: Where did her death occur? A4: Dr. Boadu passed away at her residence in Tantra Hills, Accra, on January 29, 2024.


Dr. Grace Boadu’s life was a testament to dedication and passion for herbal medicine. As we remember her, let’s honor the legacy she leaves behind. From her commitment to family plans to the unfortunate circumstances of her demise, her story is one of inspiration and, ultimately, a profound loss for the herbal medicine community.

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