Chidi Dike Biography: Age, Wife, Family, Phone Number, Mother

Chidi Dike Biography

Nollywood Actor Chidi Dikeh Biography, a charismatic and talented actor, has captivated the hearts of Nollywood enthusiasts. In this comprehensive biography, let’s look into the life of Chidi Dike, exploring his age, family, movies, mother and father, and to know if truly chidi dike is married and more.

Nollywood Actor Chidi Dikeh Biography

Nollywood Actor Chidi Dikeh Biography
Nollywood Actor Miracle Chidi Dikeh

Chidi Dikeh Age and Early Life

Chidi Dike, born on June 29, 1990, in Abia state, Nigeria, is currently 33 years old. Raised in a Christian family, his parents, Pastor Samson A. Dike and Mrs. Florence Dike, laid the foundation for his journey into the entertainment industry.

Family Ties

Chidi Dike’s Parents

Rumors about his connection to actress Ruth Kadiri are debunked, revealing his true parents. Pastor Samson A. Dike and Mrs. Florence Dike are the proud parents of Chidi, nurturing his talent and supporting his artistic pursuits.

Chidi Dike’s Mother And Father Pictures

chidi dike mother
chidi dike mother


chidi dike father
chidi dike father


Chidi is the first child among five siblings. Ada Dike, the eldest daughter, follows in his footsteps as a model and actress. Favvy Dike, the second daughter, is making waves in the Project Power Africa Gospel Talent Reality show.

Chidi Dike Brother

Chidi doesn’t have a brother, only a sister named Ada Dike, who happens to be his biological younger sibling. Ada Dike holds the position of the first daughter in their family.

Chidi Dike's Sister

Educational Journey

Chidi’s academic journey led him to the University of Calabar, where he earned a degree in Theatre Arts. This educational background solidified his acting skills, preparing him for the competitive world of entertainment.

Acting Career Beginnings

Chidi’s passion for acting blossomed in his father’s church, where he engaged in kids’ drama and church plays. Despite his mother’s initial reservations, he pursued his dream, facing auditions and rejections. His breakthrough came in 2013 with the movie “The Last Dance,” opening doors to a flourishing acting career.

Movies and Awards

Notable Movies

Chidi Dike has graced the screen in various films, including “Wild Hearts,” “Love Me Like I Do,” and “The Perfect Match.” His collaboration with Ruth Kadiri in “I Will Wait For You” and “10 Reasons Why” showcased his versatility.


His exceptional performances have earned him accolades, notably the Best Actor in a Leading Role nomination at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Honours (AMVCA) in 2022.

Personal Life

Is Chidi Dike Married?

As of 2024, Chidi Dike remains single. His openness to love and marriage coexists with his desire to keep his personal life private. Despite rumors linking him to Genevieve Ukatu Edwin, he asserts that they share a professional relationship.

Chidi Dikeh Net Worth and Lifestyle

Chidi Dike, with a net worth estimated around $350,000, stands as one of Nollywood’s highest-earning actors. His earnings stem from acting, modeling, and brand endorsements. His modest lifestyle aligns with his religious family background.

Chidi Dikeh Phone Number

Chidi Dike has chosen not to disclose his whatsapp phone number publicly. Nevertheless, you can connect with him on Instagram @chididikee for further interaction.

Chidi Dikeh Car and Home

In 2024, Chidi acquired a Mercedes Benz SUV, showcasing his rising success. While details about his houses remain private, he currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

Chidi Dikeh Car and Home


1. Is Chidi Dike married? As of 2024, Chidi Dike is not married and is currently single.

2. How many siblings does Chidi Dike have? Chidi Dike is the first of five children, with siblings including Ada Dike and Favvy Dike.

3. What is Chidi Dike’s net worth? Chidi Dike’s estimated net worth is around $300,000, sourced from his acting, modeling, and brand endorsements.

4. Is Chidi Dike in a relationship with Genevieve Ukatu Edwin? Despite their on-screen chemistry, Chidi Dike and Genevieve Ukatu Edwin are not in a romantic relationship in real life.


Chidi Dike Biography from a church performer to a sought-after actor reflects dedication and passion. As he continues to shine in Nollywood, his charisma and talent ensure a promising future. Stay tuned for more captivating performances from this rising star.

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