Anthony Joshua Biography: Net Worth, Next Fight, Age, Weight

Anthony Joshua Biography

Anthony Joshua Biography, the heavyweight champion, has not only conquered the boxing ring but also amassed a remarkable net worth of over $105 million. Born on October 15, 1989, Joshua stands tall at 1.98 meters, weighing in at 111 kg.

Anthony Joshua’s Next Fight

Scheduled for 11.20 pm GMT or 6.30 pm ET, Joshua’s anticipated clash with Francis Ngannou promises to be a heavyweight spectacle.

Anthony Joshua’s Age

At 34 years old, Joshua has solidified his status as a boxing icon, born on October 15, 1989.

Anthony Joshua’s Weight

The champion’s imposing physique weighs in at 111 kg, contributing to his dominance in the heavyweight division.

Anthony Joshua’s Son

Beyond the ring, Joshua is a proud father to Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua, affectionately known as ‘JJ.’

Anthony Joshua’s Height

Standing at an impressive 1.98 meters, Joshua’s height adds to the intimidation factor he brings into every bout.

Anthony Joshua’s Defeats

Despite his achievements, Joshua faced setbacks in defeats to Andy Ruiz and Oleksandr Usyk, tarnishing his once unblemished record.

Anthony Joshua’s Relationship Status

Contrary to rumors linking him with celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Bella Hadid, Joshua, at 34, still resides with his mother and denies having a girlfriend.

Anthony Joshua’s Trainer

Discover the man behind Joshua’s training regimen – Ben Davison, former coach of Tyson Fury.

Anthony Joshua’s Family Background

Joshua’s roots trace back to Nigeria, with his mother Yeta being Nigerian, and his father Robert having Nigerian and Irish ancestry.


Q1: When is Anthony Joshua’s next fight scheduled? A1: Joshua’s next heavyweight battle with Francis Ngannou is set for 11.20 pm GMT or 6.30 pm ET.

Q2: What is Anthony Joshua’s net worth? A2: Joshua’s net worth stands impressively at over $105 million.

Q3: Does Anthony Joshua have a son? A3: Yes, Joshua is a proud father to Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua, also known as ‘JJ.’

Q4: How tall is Anthony Joshua? A4: Anthony Joshua stands at a towering 1.98 meters.

Q5: Who has Anthony Joshua lost to? A5: Joshua faced defeats to Andy Ruiz and Oleksandr Usyk, tarnishing his prestigious record.


In this comprehensive biography, we looked into Anthony Joshua’s journey – from his staggering net worth to his upcoming fight, age, weight, and family background. Beyond the gloves, Joshua’s life unfolds with its triumphs, setbacks, and personal milestones. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the heavyweight legend’s remarkable career.

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